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New Slides

Dual Spin Bowl

Wave Ride

Dual Spin Bowl and Wave Ride slides will be available starting June 16, 2018

New Services

Electronic Wallet

Beach Lagoon upgrade

After last year’s success and the huge demand for more places in the Kids’ Lagoon, Hydromania will launch the Beach Lagoon.

A space of 4,000 sqm, with both green areas and sand, is provided with sun umbrellas and sunbeds to spend a full relaxing day.

In fact, the places in the Lagoon will double!

UV Lamps

Since Hydromania cares about your kids’ health, for the new 2018 season we have installed the new UV Lamp technology in the Kids’ Lagoon pool.

The medium pressure UV Lamps allow to totally disinfect the water of the pool from biological microorganisms, thus guaranteeing a type A classification to the pool.

Kids’ health is important for Hydromania and we are committed to guaranteeing a high hygiene-health safety to our clients, especially to kids.