Hydromania, the only aquapark in Rome, is always focused on the client’s wellness and launched a new service: the E-Wallet!

How many times do you get off a slide and want an ice-cream, or a sandwich, or a drink, but no money with you? So, you have to go back to the lockers, take the money and then go to the cafeteria again… It’s a waste of time!

It is much easier now!!! When buying the entry ticket, you can also buy a top-up bangle: you just need to recharge it, choose what you want to eat, move it close to the optical reader of the cash register and… enjoy your snack!

Furthermore, at the end of the day you can keep the bangle as a gadget and reuse it anytime you want. And if you still have some credit… no problem! Just collect the coupon at any coffee shop and the next time you come back you can use the remaining credit amount until the end of the season.


Park entry fee Top-up amount Bangle cost Benefits
All tickets, VIP cards, gold areas 10 € 1,50 €
All tickets, VIP cards, gold areas 20 € 0,00 €
All tickets, VIP cards, gold areas 30 € 0,00 € 10% discount on selected products
Adult season ticket 60 € 0,00 € 20% discount on selected products
Kid season ticket 60 € 0,00 €  20% discount on selected products

SLIDE & SHARE share with your friends

Slide & Share is the new and original service by Hydromania. Do you want to share with your friends your thrill while sliding?

This new service is definitely made for you! You just need to register to the park to receive a Rfid bangle, pass it and activate a camera to record your breath-taking slide on the Wave Ride; you will receive an e-mail where you will only need to accept and share!

All your friends will be able to see how fun is Hydromania, the only aquapark in Rome!