Explanatory notes for Water slides

The water slides within the Hydromania Waterpark are designed, installed, tested and regulated for their functionality with reference to current standards UNI [Italian National Unification Body] – EN 1069/1/; EN 1069/2:2010.
The Waterslides have been regulated with the ID codes as required by ministerial decree of 18 May 2007, articles 4 and 5, for the type of attraction indicated in the Ministry list of Tourist Attractions.

By purchasing the entry ticket you accept the following Park internal regulations

  1. The Park will not accept any liability for accidents or injuries to persons or objects caused by recklessness or failure to follow the Regulations of the Hydromania Waterpark;

  2. The entry ticket gives entitlement to use, without any other charge, all water and other attractions, with the exception of videogames, rental of reclining chairs and warm showers;

  3. Each visitor must respect the limits of decency within the Waterpark in order not to disturb others;

  4. It is not mandatory to use a swimming cap;

  5. The entry ticket is in no event refundable;

  6. The entry ticket must be retained for the entire stay within the Park and potentially exhibited on the request of the Hydromania staff;

  7. For exiting the Waterpark temporarily it is mandatory to request a pass out;

  8. In the event of adverse weather conditions or extended electricity power downtime, the Management reserves the option to close the Park at any time without having to reimburse the ticket price to visitors;

  9. In accordance with safety requirements which discipline descents of the Waterslides, they may be subject to specific restrictions, to guarantee the safety of users, who must adhere strictly to the descent regulations indicated at the start point;

  10. The Management will not be liable for valuable items deposited in the deposit lockers: cash, jewellery, watches, mobile telephones, documents and electronic items of any kind, clothing or bags; the specific rules are affixed to the deposit lockers themselves;

  11. The Management will not be liable for objects left unattended within the Park;

  12. Accompanied children up to 1.00 m tall (including shoes) may enter free of charge;

  13. Children aged less than 12 years (if proven) or less than 1.50 m tall are entitled to reduced entry fees;

  14. People aged greater than 75 years are entitled to reduced entry fees;

  15. The Management does not support the sales or distribution of free tickets or discount vouchers for entry to the Waterpark in private parking areas or in the vicinity of the Hydromania ticket shops; moreover it is forbidden to create copies in the areas around the ticket offices and parking area and within the park, in order to benefit from promotions fraudulently. Offenders will be reported to the competent authorities;

  16. The water slides will be closed from 13:00 to 14:00 to allow staff a lunch break (in accordance with the national ENPALS contract for public attractions).

  1. to bring any type of equipment into the Waterpark (umbrellas, deckchairs, tables, chairs, camping stoves, class containers of any type);

  2. to video and photograph, during events, the Hydromania dance groups and staff;

  3. to bring animals into the Waterpark, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind which however are excluded from the pools and deck;

  4. No eating is permitted in the recliners or below the umbrellas in the areas reserved for the Waterslides; the appropriate areas should be used;

  5. entering the poolside areas wearing shoes and the water before passing through the foot hygiene pools is prohibited;

  6. walking on the planted areas is prohibited where indicated;

  7. no soap or shampoo must be used in the poolside showers, including those in the Waterslide areas;

  8. No recliners or deckchairs or other equipment may be brought into the relaxing areas;

  9. The Treccia, Kamikaze K2, Black-Hole, Big-River Adventure flumes may not be used by children less than 1.20 m tall: only the Black-Hole and Big-River Adventure flumes may be used if the child is accompanied by a person taller than 1.20 m, in accordance with the regulations indicated in the manufacturer provided User and Maintenance Manual each Waterslide is supplied with;

  10. Users may not descend the Waterslides wearing T-shirts, vests or any other clothing which is not solely a bathing costume; furthermore it is also forbidden to wear necklaces, watches, eyeglasses, bracelets, hair grips, piercings, earrings and pool sandals;

  11. It is forbidden to descend the Waterslides at the same time as another person, and push off from the start of the Waterslide; the pool staff’s instructions and the instructions and positions indicated by the signs must be followed,

  12. The use of the Park’s Waterslides by people with heart conditions, pregnant women, anyone suffering from a condition which may be aggravated by this type of activity, or people with disabilities who are not independent is forbidden;

  13. It is forbidden to stop on the Waterslide and in the pool arrival area below;

  14. It is forbidden to dive into the pools;

  15. It is forbidden to wear glass diving masks or glass or plastic eyeglasses or sunglasses in the pools (in particular cases the Management reserves the right to make exceptions for plastic eyeglasses);

  16. It is forbidden to run alongside the pool;

  17. It is forbidden to push other people into the pools;

  18. It is forbidden to climb on the artificial rocks;

  19. It is forbidden to play in the pools and on the deck with rackets and balls, to ensure the rights of other bathers are respected;

  20. It is forbidden to open your mouth in front of the foam machine jet to avoid irritation of the respiratory system;

  • scrupulously observe the instructions of the Pool Assistants and follow the requirements of the regulations displayed within the Park;

  • observe and respect the regulations displayed at the top of each Waterslide, in order to use it correctly;

  • leave the pool immediately when a storm is approaching;

  • immediately notify any accidents within the Waterpark to qualified personnel who can be found at the internal medical centre within the complex, who will provide first aid to the person injured and evaluate the severity of the injury.