Regulations of the Hydromania Water Park

Activity authorisations


  • - Authorisation for Tourist Entertainment activities for Water Slide Rides with reference to article 69 of the Consolidated Law on Public Security (T.U.L.P.S.)
  • - New Fire Safety Certificate for Aqua Park, Leisure Centre activities, Certified Notice of Commencement of Works (SCIA) protocol 00386817 dated 04/06/2018 with reference to article 4 of Presidential Decree (D.P.R.) n°151 of 01/08/2011;
  • - Opinion of Noise/Environmental Compliance issued by the Department of Environmental Protection on 17/08/2017 Protocol 496009 for Water Park/Leisure Centre Activities, pursuant to articles 6 & 8 of Law 447/1995 and article 5 of Lazio Regional Law 18/2001


  • - Compliance with Safety Standards Report for Aqua Park Activities, with reference to article 80 of T.U.L.P.S., issued by the Public Entertainment Venues Supervisory Provincial Technical Commission (C.T.P.V.L.P.S);
  • - Fixed-term Authorisation issued by the Department of Cultural Activities for Rome Capital, for Aqua Park Activities with reference to articles 68 and 80 of T.U.L.P.S.
  • - Health and Hygiene Opinion for six Discovery Pools and a compensation tank serving both the “Wave Ride & Dual Spin Bowl” rides, present in the Park, this opinion issued by USL Roma / C, Projects, Habitability, Drinking Water (P.A.A.P.) Department, with reference to Regional Resolution (D.G.R.) n°407 of 11/07/2006, Health Ministry Circulars n°128 of 16/07/71 and n°35 of 15/06/72 in addition to the Ministry of Interior Circular n°16 of 15/02/ 51, as well as any subsequent regulations–requirements-orders by the Health Authority territorially responsible for the safeguarding and protection of Public Health and Hygiene.


The Water Slides in “Hydromania” Water Park are designed, installed, tested and regulated with regard to their functioning with reference to Current regulations EN 1069 1-2 version date October 2017 – safety requirements and test procedures; UNI 10637 – version date December 2016 – N 15288-1/-2 for the management of aqua parks (related hydraulic systems and tanks); Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2017 – Safety regulations (implementation of the relevant European directive).

The Water Slides have been regulated with identification codes as required by the Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2007 articles 4 and 5, for the types of attraction contained in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism list, article 4 of Law 337/68.

Rules and general conditions

The Management reserves the right to make changes and/or updates to the Rules. All amendments can be viewed on the park website

  1. In purchasing the entry pass (ticket, wristband or print@home), the client agrees to the following rules and authorises A.R.IM. SRL to process their data in accordance with D.lgs. 196/2003, holding the Company harmless from any type of responsibility;
  2. The Park does not accept responsibility for accidents or harm to people or objects caused by carelessness or failure to comply with the “Rules of Hydromania Aqua Park”;
  3. For park closures resulting from bad weather, power outages and/or any other event of force majeure, the ticket and any other expenses incurred by each Guest will not be refunded, and the pass is not valid and cannot be reused on another date;
  4. The entry ticket entitles the right to use, without any other fees, all aqua park and non-aqua park attractions, present within Hydromania (there may be specific restrictions relating to the specific rules of each attraction), excluding video games, locker hire and hot showers;
  5. The management reserves the right to single out access of Guests on entry, where there is a legitimate reason for refusing their entry to the Park;
  6. Hydromania reserves the right to deny access, or remove anybody from the Park without refund who causes harm and/or a nuisance to others or does not have a valid entry ticket or abide by the rules, without prejudice to filing charges with the competent Authorities and acting in the interest of Public Safety;
  7. Children under 14 years of age cannot enter the park unless accompanied by an adult, moreover groups and parties of children between 14 and 17 years of age inclusive cannot enter the facility unless accompanied by at least one adult;
  8. The management is not responsible for any theft or damage, of or to cars or motor vehicles parked in the Hydromania car parks as they are not guarded;
  9. Within the Aqua park all patrons must comply with the limits of decency so as not to bother others;
  10. Use of water wings is not mandatory;
  11. The entry ticket is non refundable;
  12. Hydromania is a green oasis, we ask that you Respect nature and keep the park clean;
  13. The entry pass must be kept for the whole duration in the Park and shown upon request by Hydromania staff;
  14. For temporary exit from the Water Park you must request an entry permit;
  15. Unattended items should be handed in to the park Management;
  16. Due to adverse weather conditions or prolonged power outages, the Management reserves the right to close the Park at any time with no ticket refunds to guests;
  17. Before accessing the attractions, you must deposit eye glasses and accessories. Hydromania is not responsible for the loss of items and/or accessories. Employees are not permitted to hold on to personal items entrusted to them by customers, where this is not observed the Management does not take any responsibility for any losses. Use the lockers to store your personal effects;
  18. The Management is not responsible for valuable items deposited in the lockers: money, jewellery, watches, mobile phones, documents and electrical devices of any type, clothing or high-value bags; follow the specific rules posted on the lockers themselves, shown below: The rental period for lockers is on a daily basis; Do not place items in the locker without reading the instructions for use; Make sure that nobody is watching when you input the secret code; The box can be opened and closed up to 30 times a day; After 10 incorrect attempts at inserting the pin, the box will be automatically blocked; The area is under video surveillance with closed circuit cameras; After hire empty the locker completely; Do not use common security codes, e.g. 123456; If the control unit is occupied by another customer, maintain a minimum security distance of 2 metres; Tampering with control units, stealing security codes or forcing the locks is strictly prohibited; offenders will be reported to the Competent Authorities; For any problems refer to the Management; The Management is not responsible for items left inside;
  19. The Management is not responsible for items left unattended in the Park;
  20. The Management warns against anyone practising the sale or distribution of free tickets, discount coupons or entry tickets to the Aqua Park in the private car parking area or in the vicinity of the “Hydromania” ticket offices, moreover creating pairs in the zones near the ticket offices and car park as well as inside the park, in order to benefit by deception from promotions, is prohibited. Offenders will be reported to the competent authorities;
  21. Accompanied children under the height of 1.00 m (including shoes and flip-flops), are entitled to enter free of charge;
  22. Children under 12 years of age (where proven) under the height of 1.50 m are entitled to a discounted entry ticket;
  23. People over 75 years of age are entitled to a discount on the ticket price, enquire at the ticket office;
  24. People with disabilities are entitled to a discount on the ticket price, enquire at the ticket office;
  25. Access to attractions may interrupted early in respect of the closing time (whether for lunch break or definitive closure), so as to permit the complete and gradual flow of queues;
  26. All slides, pools and rides are closed at least 30 minutes before the park closes;
  27. Video surveillance systems are active in the park for the sole purpose of monitoring the security and safety of people; the images may be viewed exclusively by staff responsible for the security of the park, the judicial authorities or police;
  28. Pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003, whoever purchases an entry pass from Hydromania, agrees to give A.R.IM. S.r.l., free of charge, the right to use their image for internal and external company advertising, holding A.R.IM. SRL harmless from any responsibility;
  29. Entry passes are only valid on the date or period specified, which cannot be amended for any reason whatsoever. Access to the Park is only permitted on the date or period specified on the ticket. Pursuant to article 7 of Legislative Decree n185 of 22 May 1999, the right of cancellation is not applicable to service provision contracts relating to hire, transport, catering, free time, when at the time of the conclusion of the contract the provider agrees to provide these services on a specific date or during a pre-established period. The ticket is a fiscally recognised access pass and as such is inclusive of vat;
  30. People and their clothing, handbags, bags, backpacks and any other item, may be subject to safety checks or inspections on entry, before accessing the Park, and inside the Park. Safety check and inspection are understood as a limited check on the person of the guest, in order to ascertain the presence of any items potentially capable of violating or harming the well-being of others or damaging goods and items, inspection of handbags, backpacks, bags, cases etc., and other personal items belonging to the guest;
  31. Through the request for access to the Park and/or the purchase of the entry pass, the guest agrees without any reservations that security checks may be carried out on their own person, clothing, backpacks, containers, handbags or other items in their possession, in compliance with legal regulations and the provisions of these Rules. The Management reserves the right to prohibit entry to individuals seeking to prevent the above checks and inspections, with the right to report these facts to the competent Authority;
  32. We kindly ask you to consider the following dress criteria; no refunds or discounts will be granted to guests that cannot use the pools and slides due to inappropriate swimwear.
    ACCESS TO POOL AREAS is ONLY permitted wearing MICROFIBER OR POLYESTER SWIMSUITS, SHORTS AND T-SHIRTS. Use of the slides is only permitted with swimwear, any other garment is prohibited; moreover wearing necklaces, watches, glasses, bracelets, hairclips, piercings, earrings, scuba masks, goggles and swim shoes is prohibited;
  33. The Customer, prior to purchasing the ticket, must find out about any problems related to flow, climatic conditions or technical issues that could limit the functioning of one or more attractions and the general use of the Park and/or relative services;
  34. For maintenance requirements, some attractions may not be able to be used, just as in the case of bad weather or rain, they may be closed for reasons of safety. In either case the ticket is non refundable;
  35. Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult. For the safety of all guests there are lifeguards and staff in the aqua park, however they should not be considered as a replacement for the constant supervision of your children and others under your responsibility;
  36. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available free of charge and for a fee (Gold Areas) until exhausted.
  37. The Gold Areas are zones with numbered places, only accessible to Gold ticket holders; The ticket must be requested at the ticket office at the time of purchasing the pass permitting access to the park; Inside the area, the wristband that is given at the ticket office at the time of purchase is shown together with the ticket; The area is subject to ticket inspection, the ticket must be shown to the staff responsible for checking; Once a standard ticket has been purchased, it is no longer possible to incorporate it or replace it with one for the gold area; The numbered places can be selected directly at the ticket offices, at the time of purchase or on the website and cannot be changed after purchase;
  38. Some areas/attractions may be subject to delayed opening;
  39. It is imperative that entry to the pools and attractions occurs through the appropriate passageways, foot wash basins and showers, which ensure the cleanliness of bathers. To guarantee an adequate level of hygiene within the Park, spitting in pools or discharging liquids of any kind; urinating, defecating and cleaning any wounds in the pool; immersing yourself in the pool if one or more body parts are covered with oil, cream and any substances of similar type are prohibited;
  40. Nappies for children are not permitted in the pools and attractions except for those specifically for water;
  41. The management reserves the right to restrict, at any time, a visitor from using the slides and other attractions for inappropriate or dangerous behaviour to themselves and/or other guests;
  42. Service staff are authorised to intervene at any time to request compliance with these rules;
  43. Children taking part in the summer camp or celebrations organised by Hydromania will be able to jump the queue;
  44. You must strictly abide by the instructions of the Lifeguards and follow the directions on the posters displayed within the Park;
  45. You must observe and abide by the rules shown at the departure point of every waterslide, for correct use;
  46. You must immediately Vacate the pools for approaching storms;
  47. You must immediately Report any injuries occurring within the Aqua Park to qualified staff who can be found at the medical centre inside the complex, and who will provide first-aid assistance free of charge to the injured party noting the severity of the injury. A report will be compiled in the medical centre with the declarations of the injured party and any testimonies, which the injured party must sign. False declarations will result in criminal prosecution;
  48. On days with wind gusts, umbrellas must be closed for the protection of your own safety.
  49. You must follow the requirements of the staff inside the facility;


  1. Mixing or lingering in the pools and adjoining premises without swimwear or just underwear is prohibited. Swimwear worn to access the pools must be appropriate for hygiene and morality and respond to the provisions of public hygiene. It is not possible to wear underwear of any material other than microfiber and polyester under or in replacement of swimwear. Clothing that is respectful of sensitivities and modesty, especially of minors, is also required within the area;
  2. Smoking in access/waiting areas for rides, on the rides themselves as well as places where it is expressly forbidden, for example: ticket office and entrance area, bathrooms, refreshment points, infirmary, is prohibited;
  3. The introduction of any illegal or harmful substances, glass containers of any kind, umbrellas, deck chairs, tables, seats, burners, dangerous items (in particular any offensive or defensive weapons, independently from their category and use) and any item considered by the park Management as inappropriate or disturbing, is prohibited;
  4. Taking shots and photographs, during the animation, group dances and of staff at Hydromania, is prohibited;
  5. With reference to Public Hygiene Regulations, animals are prohibited from accessing the Aqua Park, with the sole exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired excluding the pools and water’s edge;
  6. Pausing for picnics in areas reserved for waterslide installations, sun loungers or under umbrellas is prohibited, you must use the dedicated areas;
  7. Entering areas designated as water’s edge with shoes is prohibited;
  8. Stepping on flowerbeds where indicated, is prohibited;
  9. Using soap or shampoo in the poolside showers, including those in the areas equipped with Waterslides is prohibited;
  10. Placing sun loungers and deckchairs or other furniture on the lawns is prohibited;
  11. Use of the Park water slides by heart patients, pregnant women, anybody suffering from epilepsy or claustrophobia, and in any case anyone with disorders that could be aggravated by this type of play, is prohibited, in addition to disabled people who are care-dependent, except where assessed by the Management;
  12. Lingering on the water slide course and in the landing space in the pool below is prohibited;
  13. Slides and attractions have rules posted on them at the entrance point of each slide/attraction;
  14. Diving in pools is strictly prohibited;
  15. Wearing glass scuba masks, glass or plastic sun or eye glasses is prohibited (the Management reserves the right to make an exception, solely for plastic, in specific cases);
  16. Running, especially poolside is prohibited;
  17. Pushing other people into the pools is prohibited;
  18. Climbing on the artificial rocks is prohibited;
  19. Playing in the pools or on the water’s edge with bats or balls is prohibited, to ensure respect of the rights of bathers;
  20. Climbing over picket fences is prohibited
  21. Opening your mouth during the foam machine jet is prohibited in order to avoid problems of irritation with the respiratory system;
  22. Leaving children unattended is prohibited;
  23. Access to areas and/or sectors of the Park closed to the Public and/or reserved exclusively for Park Staff or organised events is strictly prohibited;
  24. People are prohibited from entering pools and rides with wounds, grazes, skin lesions or alterations with a suspected infectious nature (verrucas, rash, mycosis etc.). Access to pools will be denied by supervising staff. The user can only enter the pools by showing a medical certificate attesting that the lesions presented are compatible with bathing in a public place;
  25. People in an altered psychophysical state are prohibited from entering the pools (intoxication, alterations from drugs etc.);
  26. For the enjoyment of all guests, queue jumping or holding places in queues is strictly prohibited. Guests that violate this rule can be removed from the park. Guests are not permitted to leave a queue and return to the same position for any reason whatsoever;
  27. Occupying more posts (sun loungers and umbrellas), in respect of the access passes stamped for the date in your possession, is strictly prohibited;
  28. Slides will be closed from 13:00 to 14:00 for staff lunch;
  29. For safety reasons, selfie sticks or other similar devices used as a support for cameras, mobile phones or other technological devices are not permitted on any attractions;
  30. Going down slides wearing t-shirts, vests or any other item of clothing that is not exclusively swimwear is prohibited; moreover, wearing necklaces, watches, glasses, bracelets, hairclips, piercings, earrings, scuba masks, goggles and swim shoes is prohibited;
  31. Going down the slides at the same time as someone else, not following the instructions of the lifeguards or not observing the position indicated on the signs, and pushing off at the departure point of the waterslide or in any case not following the specific posters is prohibited;
  32. In accordance with the safety standards governing the descent of some Waterslides they may be subject to specific restrictions, to ensure the safety of users, who must strictly follow the rules of descent shown at every departure point;
  33. The use of water wings is not permitted on the Treccia and Kamikaze waterslides.

Technical Director 
Marcello Morelli

Water park times
  • Working09:30 - 18:30
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays09:30 - 19:00

The slides and pools close from 13:00 to 14:00 for staff’s lunch break.
The slides and pools close half an hour before the indicated hours.

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