• Times and prices

    2020 season ended 6th September

    Hydromania Water Park is open at the following times:

    • Working 
      09:30 - 18:30
    • Saturday, Sunday and holidays 
      09:30 - 19:00

    The ticket office opens at 9:30 am and closes at 4:00 pm
    The slides and pools close from 13:00 to 14:00 for staff’s lunch break.
    The slides and pools close half an hour before the indicated hours.

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    NB. Per accedere al parco i minori devono presentare l'autocertificazione Covid firmata da uno dei genitori | Scaricala ›

    •   Standard
      Special covid 
      Entrance + Sunbed (August)
      Adult  All day € 24,00 € 18,00
      Half day
      (from 14:00)
      € 19,00 € 18,00
      up to 12 years and with a height not exceeding 150 cm
      All day € 19,00 € 18,00
      Half day
      (from 14:00)
      € 17,00 € 18,00
      with height inferior to 100 cm
      Over 75 years old   € 19,00  € 18,00
      Handicap   Reduced admission
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      Le tariffe LETTINO hanno un vincolo di acquisto minimo 2 e massimo 3. Contestualmente è possibile acquistare sino ad un massimo di 3 biglietti solo ingresso (senza lettino) al prezzo di € 14,00 cad.

      Il biglietto non è per nessun motivo modificabile, né rimborsabile

      Promozione tuffati a Hydromania con 1€
      Acquistando il biglietto di ingresso utilizzando la promozione “tuffati a Hydromania con 1€” non si avrà diritto al lettino, ma al solo posto nelle aree verdi predisposte.

      La promozione consiste nell'acquisto di un biglietto intero pagante ad €24,00 e il secondo biglietto ad €1,00. Possibilità di acquisto di un terzo biglietto contestuale ad €13,00.
      GROS ›
      Ritira il coupon nei punti vendita della catena Gros 
      CONAD ›
      Utilizza le tessere "Carta Insieme" e "Carta insieme più"
      ATAC ›
      Utilizza le Metrebus card
      Utilizza le tessere "Acqua&Sapone Club"
      Ritira il coupon nel punto vendita Casal del Marmo, Via Arola n. 55 - Roma
      Utilizza la tessera "Risparmio Insieme"


    Hydromania Water Park offers its customers the opportunity to reserve "pitches" furnished with sunbeds and umbrellas in some areas of the park, this to facilitate the arrangement of customers and ensure that the holders of these tickets have the opportunity to do not worry about positioning once you enter the park. The pitches are made up of an umbrella in the center and two side sunbeds, positioned at a distance of at least 1.5 meters between them and the other beds.

    The reserved areas are particularly suitable for those people who want to be sure to find sunbeds and umbrellas, at any time of the day, UNTIL EXHAUSTION. AREAS are distinguished by position. By purchasing the SUNBED price, the customer buys the entrance ticket and will be entitled to a cot assigned in the chosen pitch. This rate is tied to the purchase of a minimum of 2, up to a maximum of 3 beds in the same "pitch"; it is possible to purchase, at the same time, up to a maximum of 3 additional tickets at a price of € 14.00 for admission only, so as to use the pitch in 5 participants (2 beds and 3 admission-only tickets). Remember that the furnishings are positioned according to the anticovid provisions, it is the free choice of the customer to arrange the beds of their own pitch closer than what is provided, only if they are part of the same family unit.


    Adult Child
    Disability 100% 
    cod. 04
    € 10,50 € 10,50
    Disability 100% 
    with a chaperon
    List of cases: down syndrome, blind (cod. 09), autism, paraplegics
    Free admission for disabled person
    Chaperon € 13,00
    Deaf-mutism € 13,00
    Disability from 70% up € 13,00

    Seriously disabled persons CANNOT be accompanied by a minor or a disabled person with a disability of more than 2/3 (Art. 20 Lg. N. 53/2000).
    To take advantage of discounts , you must show the disability certificate at the park’s box office.

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