Wave Ride

Uphill on a slide!

Have you ever wanted to go uphill on a slide?!This is the perfect ride for you! The slide is 15 meters high and 69 meters long, and is similar in shape to a "sail": the ride starts with a descent in a closed tube on a two-seater raft, at the end of which you will be on a very wide and open track, driven upwards by the initial push, only to then quickly reverse the direction of travel due to gravity. It's a real “launch pad"!

Attraction type: Thrilling

Some of the features of the Wave Ride include:

A 15 m high and 69 m long slide!    Sliding uphill!    Get on with a friend!

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  • Users must use the two-seater raft in a lying position facing forwards, gripping the special safety handles. Do not take your hands off of these handles until the end of the ride.
  • The lighter person must ride in the front of the raft.
  • The heavier person must ride in the back of the raft.​

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Weight limits and distribution: 

  • Weight limits must be followed and users are required to stand on the scales in order to assess their suitability for the ride. USE OF THE RIDE IS RESTRICTED TO COMPLIANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING:
    • The combined total weight of the crew made up of 2 users must not be more than 220 kg.
    • The combined total weight of the crew made up of 2 users must not be less than 100 kg.
    • Users must weigh at least 40 kg.
    • Users must not weigh more than 110 kg.
    • The difference in the weight of the crew composed of 2 users must not be greater than 40 kg.


  • It is required to wait for the "green light" from the staff present at the start to get on the raft.
  • For safety reasons during the descent users must follow all instructions given by the personnel in charge, who will indicate the raft position (front or rear) to the user based on the body mass criterion, for this purpose users will be weighed on a special scale placed near the starting area and the operator will check that they meet the ride's requirements.
  • Once the descent on the slide has begun and during the entire ride (including the splashdown phase in the pool), users must maintain their original position.
  • Upon arrival in the slide's landing pool, users must wait for the raft to come to a complete stop before getting off, and then take it out and place it in the collection area to be ready for use by other users.
  • Users must leave the landing area immediately.


  • Children less than 120 cm tall may not use the slide.
  • Users must not spin the raft while on the ride.
  • People with fragile health conditions may not use the ride – Please contact the staff.
  • No standing.
  • No clinging to the edges of the slide.
  • No jewelry or piercings.
  • No running up the slide ladder.
  • No riding without a raft.

   The slide landing pool is 0.20 meters deep. Users should dismount and head towards the side opposite the tube opening and exit using the small ladder.
  Click here to see the complete set of rules

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